We coordinate two distinct groups of alternative investment opportunities for a select investor network. 

The first and most common is direct debt & equity investments into our lease or finance transactions.  Through consistently qualifying and servicing equipment finance transactions, we’re able to take steps to mitigate risk and coordinate investments that produce attractive yields.

In this case:

  • Debt = Capital leveraged to service a transaction that has a defined cost for a defined term
  • Equity = Capital leveraged to service a transaction to secure an equity stake in the future value of the equipment

The second, and more select, is equity investments into up-and-coming companies who we have qualified to have the following characteristics at a minimum:

  • Solving a real problem with a viable business model
  • Strong Management team with a proven track record
  • Clearly defined vision with a strong set of core values
  • The right mix of technology to support the vision
  • Attainable goals with strong ROI potential
  • Clear path to success

Although less common, these investments can be quite lucrative for our investor partners who benefit from our ground floor perspective & intimate involvement.