Implementing Equipment Finance Solutions

Our solutions not only complement the strategy associated with our clients assets but also perfectly match the stage of their development.  Through leveraging a diverse pool of funds and deep equipment expertise, we're able to produce extensive quantifiable business value to our clients' operations.

We deliver these solutions in 3 distinct ways: 

Vendor Finance Programs - Working closely with a select group of equipment resellers, OEM's, & service providers, we equip them with a turn-key equipment finance offering to support the sale of their products.  Through transparent alignment on common goals and utilizing mutual strengths, we deliver competitive and flexible solutions.

As an Equipment Finance Advisor - We partner more closely with those of our clients who's businesses have a heavy reliance on the acquisition of capital equipment, and a steady flow of equipment finance needs.  In doing so, we help them navigate the Equipment Finance landscape, formulate a strategy associated with acquiring their equipment, support them in executing the strategy, and manage all lease transactions on their behalf.  The results?  Lower cost of capital, more efficient process, maintaining the focus on their core competency, and driving their vision.   

Direct Engagement - Through outbound marketing, we work directly with our clients in a traditional vendor-client relationship.


  • Transaction sizes:  $20,000 - $100+ Million
  • Types of structures & finance facilities:  $1 Out, PUT, FMV, FASB13 compliant Operating Leases, Equipment Finance Agreements (EFA's), Installment Payment Agreements (IPA's), Contract Financing, Master Lease Lines of Credit, Sale Lease Back, Working Capital Loans
  • Customized Options:  Deferred payments, Flexible Payment options set to match cash flow, Skip payments, Refinancing of existing lease schedules, Residual Value Guarantees