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Office Environment

The Capital Expense associated with an office expansion or move can quickly add up and catch any transitioning company off-guard.  To alleviate that stress, growing organizations can leverage a lease option to acquire their essential use assets.  This allows them to select the optimal set of technology and furnishings to make their new space as productive as possible, while staying within a manageable monthly budget.

Quick example for perspective:

A client looking to relocate and add additional employees is met with a Capital Expense estimate of $150,000.  

  • Option 1)  The company can pay cash, likely cutting corners to reduce Capital Expense slightly, settling for an incomplete, lower quality solution.  This depletes working capital during a crucial transition point of the company's development.
  • Option 2)  The company can comfortably leverage a lease option, bringing the payments to a manageable $3,000 / month.  Here, they maintain a strong cash position, obtaining the optimal equipment for their needs, avoid investing in quickly depreciating assets, and position themselves for continued growth.

Equipment:  Chairs - Desks - Cubicles - Conference Room Tables - Reception Desks - Reception & Lobby Furniture - Lights - Phone System - Phones - Trading Turrets - Computer Workstations -  Monitors - Routers - Switches - Servers - Audio Visual Equipment

Software:  Accounting - CRM - ERP - BI & DB Analytics - Control Systems - Other essential business software