Doing Good

At The FORT, we make a conscious effort to give back to our local community and support worthy charitable efforts throughout the world.  Embracing the fact that it's our clients who make this possible, we look to them for guidance on where to apply these contributions.

We will contribute a portion of revenues from every equipment finance transaction and 100% of proceeds from product sales to a Do Good effort that resonates with our team and our clients.
FYI:  The Do Good Store

Q:  How do you chose which 'do good' effort to support?

A:  Thanks for asking!  Each donation is split between two efforts...

  • 1.)  The first half of the donation is directed to our 'monthly focus' which is selected by a different member of our team each month.  After selecting the cause they finish the following 'ad lib' to share a bit more about the reasoning for making their choice:

I selected______________BECAUSE___________________________________________________

  • 2.)  Our clients then have the opportunity to point us in the right direction for applying the second half of the donation to a do good, charitable cause they feel is worthy.

(Getting people involved in doing some good feels good)


The February focus is the Semper Fi Fund and was selected by Chris Fleming our Business Development Manager.

The reasoning for his selection (in his own words):

"Christopher Markey, my Mom's cousin and my namesake, paid the ultimate price in Vietnam.  He was a Second Lieutenant in the US Marines and was awarded the Purple Heart  Although I never had the opportunity to meet him in person, I did feel the void felt by his loved ones and am proud to share his name. Today many family members of Marines that have sacrificed themselves, need support to carry on with their daily lives.  This is an A+ top rated nonprofit charity, raising money for a good cause."


The January focus is The Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and was selected by John Turnacliff our Sales and Operations Manager.

The reasoning for his selection (in his own words):

"I selected Big Brothers / Big Sisters because, after 9/11 there was a lot of talk of “if you’re ever going to do something to help your community, now is the time.”  Taking that to heart, I signed up to become a big brother.  Big Brothers introduced me to a little guy of six years old who lived with his grandmother as did the majority of kids in his area.  Over the next 11 years, we grew into having a great relationship and became part of each others families.  There were a couple of things that surprised me. First, was how much I got out of the relationship, which was immeasurable.  Second, was the amount of kids on the list to get Bigs (as they’re called). They are a great group that doesn’t appear to be one of those charities that raises money to raise money, they put it to work."


The December focus is The Guardsmen and was selected by Brian Fleming our VP of Equipment Finance and Managing Member.

The reasoning for his selection (in his own words):

"I selected The Guardsmen because so many of us are lucky enough to have people in our lives, whether it be; teachers, mentors, family, or friends who have had a profound positive impact on the trajectory of our lives.  It's easy to take it for granted and overlook those who are not so fortunate.  I’ve seen firsthand how The Guardsmen and their partners have had this type of positive impact on the lives of less fortunate at-risk children in the Bay Area.  It's a commendable effort.  Also, since starting our ‘Charitable Promise’ it’s been evident that local do good efforts tend to be overlooked, and The Guardsmen is a worthy local effort that feels good to support."


The November focus is the American Brain Tumor Association and was selected by Michelle Modglin our Transaction Coordinator & Do Good Ambassador.

The reasoning for her selection (in her own words):

“I selected the American Brain Tumor Association because in June of 2013 my close friends father, Pastor Jim Newbold, passed away due to a Brain Tumor and while there is much attention focused on many of the cancer research foundations, this one is not ‘out there’ as prolifically.  I personally was not aware of the foundation until Jim was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in February 2011.  The ABTA focuses on all types of Brain Tumors and supporting patients and their families and I feel it’s a worthy effort to support”